IV. Paradox File Access


px_new -- Create a new paradox object
px_open_fp -- Open paradox database
px_create_fp -- Create a new paradox database
px_close -- Closes a paradox database
px_delete -- Deletes resource of paradox database
px_get_record -- Returns record of paradox database
px_put_record -- Stores record into paradox database
px_numrecords -- Returns number of records in a database
px_numfields -- Returns number of fields in a database
px_get_schema -- Returns the database schema
px_get_field -- Returns the specification of a single field
px_set_targetencoding -- Sets the encoding for character fields (deprecated)
px_set_parameter -- Sets a parameter
px_get_parameter -- Gets a parameter
px_set_value -- Sets a value
px_get_value -- Gets a value
px_set_tablename -- Sets the name of a table (deprecated)
px_set_blob_file -- Sets the file where blobs are read from
px_get_info -- Return lots of information about a paradox file