X. oggvorbis

About OGG/Vorbis

The OGG/Vorbis file format, as defined by and, is a scheme for compressing audio streams by multiple factors with a minimum of quality loss. This extension adds oggvorbis support to PHP's URL Wrappers. When used in read mode, compressed OGG/Vorbis data is expanded to raw PCM audio in one of six PCM encoding formats listed below.


oggvorbis is installed through the usual PECL package installation process.

  • Prerequisite: PHP >= 4.3.0, libogg >= 1.0, and libvorbis >= 1.0.

  • pear install oggvorbis

  • Copy the resulting to an appropriate location and add to your php.ini file or load it dynamically in your PHP script using dl("");

Usage --  Examples on using the ogg:// wrapper.