Constants for Options

The functions kadm5_create_principal(), kadm5_modify_principal(), and kadm5_get_principal() allow to specify or return principal's options as an associative array. The keys for the associative array are defined as string constants below:

kadm5_init_with_password -- Opens a conncetion to the KADM5 library and initializes any neccessary state information.
kadm5_flush -- Flush all changes to the Kerberos database, leaving the connection to the Kerberos admin server open.
kadm5_destroy -- Closes the connection to the admin server and releases all related resources.
kadm5_create_principal -- Creates a kerberos principal with the given parameters.
kadm5_delete_principal -- Deletes a kerberos principal.
kadm5_modify_principal -- Modifies a kerberos principal with the given parameters.
kadm5_chpass_principal -- Changes the principal's password.
kadm5_get_principal -- Gets the principal's entries from the Kerberos database.
kadm5_get_principals -- Gets all principals from the Kerberos database.
kadm5_get_policies -- Gets all policies from the Kerberos database.